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Mélanie Ba
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It is not always easy to have the right information to organize a trip to Egypt. Finding the right person, the right excursion, at the right price ... can be overwhelming.
The most convenient is to find someone who has just been there 🙋!

Here is a short guide with our itinerary, the activities to do, their prices, and especially the contacts to organize all this and get around the essential places of Egypt!

All the informations in the guide have been experienced during our trip. The contacts are the guides and drivers who made these experiences unforgettable. 


A format adapted to mobile reading so that you can take the guide and the contacts with you wherever you go.


The telephone numbers can be clicked on to call or send a message directly. The links or addresses also refer to the relevant sites.



  • Cairo

  • Black & White desert

  • Louxor

  • Assouan & Nil cruise

  • Sinaï

  • Red sea

  • Siwa oasis

💰 Pay what you want
We have chosen to make the guide available at whatever price you think is fair 🙂 We have spent time on it and we don't want to devalue our work by offering it for free.

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Égypte : Itinéraire & contacts

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