BALI - Travel Guidebook (🇬🇧)

Mélanie Ba
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After 3 months traveling through the island of Gods, our guide to help you organize your trip is available!

  • Itinerary (must-see and off the beaten track, with recommended time)
  • Activities & prices for each region
  • My recommendations of hotels (luxury & basic) and restaurants for each city
  • My photo spots with exact addresses
  • Contacts for excursions, guides and cabs.
  • Link to all my saved google maps points

👉 All this in a PDF adapted for mobile reading, concise and illustrated, with clickable links

💰 Pay what you want!

We've chosen to make the guide available at the price you think is fair. We spent time on it and we don't want to devalue our work by offering it for free.

Enjoy your reading and have a good trip ❤️

For any questions feel free to contact me on instagram: @melly_ba

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Bali - Travel guide by @melly_ba

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